Just do you girl.


Hello my friends!

It’s been a moment since my last post, but I won’t apologize for that.  This last month has been a lot of learning, reading, studying, and self examination.  I will admit that I began to feel slightly discouraged after my last entry.  It’s not easy to put your thoughts on the internet and leave yourself vulnerable to every kind of criticism. What I have come to understand is that the people who know you, like really know you, are sometimes your biggest obstacle to overcome.

It didn’t take long after starting this page for the judgments to roll in and I started to doubt myself.  2 blog entries and a couple recipes is all it took for the trolls of life to discourage me and I questioned what I had started. Then I read this “Your friends may love you, but they may not want you to change.  If you change, then their dynamic with you also changes. They might prefer things the way they are, that’s how they love you, the way you are, not the way you may become…” – Hugh Maclead

I’ve struggled for a long time with being forthright and wanting to be invisible.  The forthright part of me is opinionated, bold, and she doesn’t care what people think or say. The invisible side of me doesn’t want attention, takes criticism to heart, beats herself up over silly things, and doesn’t think people will take her seriously.  Constantly dipping my toes in the pool of self-confidence and then covering up in a towel of insecurities.

When I read that quote by Hugh, I realized it’s hard for people who have known you throughout different parts of your life to accept this newly expressed part of you sometimes.  They know all your mistakes, your hardships, your low points, your faults, or bad habits, and they roll their eyes at the “image” they think you are trying to project.  They can’t understand or don’t like who you are becoming because they like you as you are.  People might not want you to change because then maybe your ideals change or your values change, and if those things change… what happens to your friendship?  Too be clear not much has changed about me, I’m just openly expressing more parts of myself for the first time.

I believe that you can be friends, acquaintances, or at least civil with anyone regardless of your personal beliefs.  After all, what’s the point of friendships if you all bring the same thing to the table?  But, I also believe that sometimes we outgrow friends, colleges, other relationships as we evolve.  Some relationships have an expiry date and that’s okay.  Now I’m not saying to shun anyone who isn’t accepting who you are becoming.  I’m saying if you value your relationship with that person seek first to understand them,  instead of judging them.

It’s a weird thing that we let the opinions of others control us so much.  We generally take criticism the hardest from the people we are closest to, the people we admire, and sometimes the people we just want to impress.  I guess my point is, if who you are becoming is a better person than who you were yesterday… Ignore your haters.

My initial goal was to share my thoughts, good recipes, and heathy living suggestions with anyone who wanted to listen.  I genuinely take joy in sharing my tips, tricks, and methods with others.  I love seeing friends and family in their kitchens cooking again, bringing back wholesome family traditions, and working towards being healthier for themselves and their families. I believe in pouring time into your personal development and wellness whether its reading, running, juicing, or taking a bubble bath.  My focus isn’t just physical fitness, it’s emotional and spiritual fitness as well.  All I hope to do is encourage those who might need encouragement, thats all.

I’m not a writer, I don’t have a phycology degree, I’m not a certified trainer or nutritionist (yet), and I’m not perfect.  I’m just a girl who likes talking about things, eating good food, being healthy and sharing it with others.

I hope all of this makes sense and if you’re reading this struggling with expressing parts of yourself, living in fear of what people might think.  Just do you girl.  People are always gonna talk just remember, what Suzie says of Sally, says more about Suzie than it does of Sally.


Kelcie Marie E.


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